Gas or Grouse

Topics: Environmentalism, Ecology, Pollution Pages: 2 (356 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Case: Gas or Grouse?

1. Systemic issues: Questar is a company and it knows that every mining activities in Mesa will affect the ecological environment. But BLM did nothing since Questar had damaged the local environment. And we know many gas companies have special relationship with governments. Corporate issues: Questar has destroyed the environment when the mining operation was begun. Individual issues: The people who live in Pinedale Mesa believe the drilling activity bring numerous benefits, including jobs, revenues, and local economy. So they welcome the gas companies go to there.

2. Maintain their natural habitat. Protect the existing population, prevent from extinction, facilitate them to breed. If Questar have high awareness for Concerning with environment impacts, this value can be balanced against the economic interests. For the principles, the environmentalist said that technological improvements should not come at the sacrifice of important safeguards for Wyoming's wildlife heritage. And we have protection law of wildlife also.

3. This is the dilemma between energy source and environment responsibility. I think Questar should not stop exploit gas but it can stop continually drilling operations. And I also think if Questar's operations damage too much to the environment, the government will prohibited the operations forcibly to protect the environments.

4. They should follow the requirement of governments, use the new technology aim the drilling operations and damage the environments as little as possible.

5. From the ethical point of view, #4 option is the best, because we cannot stop developing the economy, and we have to find the best way to balance the benefits and moralities. And #4 option include both of them.

6. Yes, they are. Because they are endangered species, we have to protect them, and in order to protect them, we have to decrease for the damage of environment, which is reduce the pollution. The loss of species...
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