Gas & Oil Consumption

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Gas, Oil, and Energy - Oh my!

The threat of an economic “mental breakdown” is on the horizons of the global economy due to the ever increasing demand for energy and the mounting inability to amplify energy production. The chaotic and ridiculousness of the world’s energy problem has gas, food, and oil prices reaching unprecedented records every day. In the past, the United States has usually been somewhat effective with taking action to avoid future breakdowns and turn them into opportunities. Nevertheless, there has been a malicious recent disruption in our nation’s capability to comprehend the concerns of humans and businesses and their relation to oil. How much time is left to sort these issues? Not only government’s lack of action, but us a humans have formed a habit to consume or buy things we do not need, that requires a mass amount of natural resources. It’s a circle: everyone needs a Hummer cause it’s “the new thing in town”, so car makers build more Hummer vehicles, which use up more gas/fuel, which the new owner doesn’t care about because they have the money (at the time) and are now the better “Jones” family on the corner. In this paper I’m going to tell about different options to relieve the pressures of supply and demand of our energy provisions throughout the discovery of current consequences of our actions, awareness of overconsumption of energy and its effects.

The current prices of gas per gallon are ridiculous, and are a growing problem that’s getting serious. It is not just the increasing debate of gasoline prices that we hear, but rather the negative impact that the prices of gas and oil are starting to have on our nation’s economy, the cost of products, and the global economy as a whole. If oil prices continue at this level or rise, there will be long-term negative adjustments in how our markets will work. Oliver (2008), suggests that the United States is the biggest single consumer of energy on the Earth. In my opion, if our...
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