Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 3 (1126 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Brandi Faulk
English 421
Dr. Tiffany Adams
February 15, 2013
The Man Himself
Many people wonder who Marcus Garvey is. He was born a raised in St. Ann Bay Jamaica. During his young life Garvey was not aware of any racial segregation of whites and blacks. However, he had a few childhood friends. At the age of fourteen Garvey was called a “nigga” by one of his white friends and he was told that he could never be able to see his white friends again. Because of this incident, Garvey eyes were open to all of the racism surrounding him. Also because of this incident, he was no long close to any white people and racism and inequality became prevalent forces in Marcus’s life. As far as working Marcus as forced to work in labor because his parents were intellectuals, and the work was not cut out for then in the industrial country of Jamaica. Marcus and his sister, Indiana were forced to work in order for the family to have enough money to survive.

In the 1910’s Marcus made a name for himself in Jamaica as an accomplished printer, writer, and politician. He joined The National Club, which was the first organization in Jamaica that introduced anti-colonial thinking into Jamaica. In inequality that Marcus encountered in the world outside of lower schools in Jamaica of inequality and hatred for black men. He then decided to leave Jamaica to see if blacks were treated the same way in other countries. For the next two years Garvey decided to travel around Central America to experience the black condition in several countries. Throughout his traveling experience he realize that the same conditions he found in Jamaica were the same as the one’s in Central America. He then decided to go further and decided to go a visit England. However, he was pleasantly surprised. In this particular the blacks in England were segregated like in the west.

Later in life Marcus decided to move to the United States after the UNIA was established in Jamaica. Garvey felt the need that he...
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