Garuda Indonesia

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Analysis of Service Quality: Singapore Airlines vs. Garuda Indonesia Good Service Company – Singapore Airlines

Today, the airline industry has become very diverse and competitive. For instance, some airlines are known for its high quality service excellence where else some airlines are still struggling themselves to reach this point. In fact, Feng-I Ling, Kuang Lin and Jin-Long Lu (2005) stated that the service quality of airlines is an important issue, not only for airline managers; it is also a key factor in building long-term brand recognition. Likewise, one of the prominent airlines of the world known for its high service excellence with outstanding brand recognition is “Singapore Airlines”.

The airlines had so far been quite successful in outweighing its competitors by implementing product differentiation through service quality and innovation. According to Porter (1980) Day and Wensley (1988), a company can differentiate itself from competitors by bundling competitive advantages. Hence, they can gain competitive advantage by offering consumers lower prices than competitors for similar products or by providing more benefits that justify higher prices. Similarly, Singapore airlines had positioned itself as a premium carrier with high levels of innovation and excellent level of service and products with value for money unlike its competitors.

Nonetheless, to ensure smooth running of operation and to offer quality service, the airline recruited all its employees especially the pilots and cabin crews from the global labor market. Hence, the airline also has cabin crews who have the capability of speaking major Asian Languages such as Malay, Indonesian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean which helps to eliminate the issue of language barriers especially among passengers speaking these languages. Nonetheless, all of them are well trained in areas such as communication, safety and security, product knowledge as well as customer service and interpersonal skills. Based on a study by Armstrong (2000) it was mentioned that training has a direct relationship with the employees’ performance where by it is a formal & systematic modification of behavior through learning which occurs as a result of education, instruction, development & planned experience. Nonetheless, passenger reviews also showed that the in flight crews were very attentive, extremely well-trained, very warm and efficient.

Through its well trained employees, the airline is able to offer quality service to every single passenger. Feng-I Ling , Kuang Lin and Jin-Long Lu (2005) found through their study that quality has become a significant concern for those in the service industry, specifically the airline industry.Although people primarily use airplanes to satisfy their need to go from one place to another, procedures from ticketing, checking, boarding and traveling to baggage handling, etc. can also deeply influence travelers’ attitudes to the services provided by airlines and their satisfaction with those services. Apart from that, Grönroos (2000) argued that passengers may also judge or evaluate airline service quality through a comparison between their experiences and expectations, over a number of quality attributes.

Likewise, many passengers gave positive reviews about the airline based on their experience with the airline’s products and the services. For instance, they stated that the check in procedure at the airport was very fast and efficient with plenty of check in counters. Nonetheless, passengers were also assisted immediately if any passengers press the call button during the flight. Thus, all its passengers were treated with excellent food regardless of the class and were offered with cocktails, fine wines, and in-flight movies at no extra charge. Even the airline ground staff offers outstanding customer service by accompanying the passenger to the air bridge and providing proper direction at the airport.

Furthermore, the aircrafts...
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