Gareth Pugh

Topics: Fashion, Idea, Clothing Pages: 4 (1488 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Industry Week: Gareth Pugh

For the Industry week project, I chose to review Gareth Pugh. I find He’s use of leather and how he manipulates the body and the material he works with really fascinating, how he transforms leather and its properties to create outstanding garments; almost shocking. He’s latest A/W collection 2011 presented surprising pieces, both typical and untypical of Gareth Pugh, the use of leather and metallic gold in my opinion was very captivating. It was said by that

‘He sees his work as a single seamless flow of ideas that expands or contracts to his bidding’.

So taking all that into account my group and I decided to make a collection that best represents Gareth Pugh and what would most likely be in his A/W 2012 collection.

We were given a quote from ‘The Communist Manifesto’, which we would base the collection on, even if it were just one word from it. At first I was unsure what to do, as the quote was difficult to digest. Once we discovered the meaning and discussed how it made us felt individually we then dissected it, which then gave us the inspiration for the designs. We all gave each other dedicated roles, Research in materials and the textiles of his previous collections, what has inspired him previously and to make and gather images for the concept boards. Then two of us were designers (me and Bella) and another two illustrated ideas. I then sketched, designed and created my own piece to go with the new collection, as I wanted to play a bigger role in the group and had a few good ideas that I knew would work well. I also co-made the main piece that we as a group decided on, which took a lot of time and dedication as only two of us made it.

I also did my own research, to get to know Gareth Pugh work a little better, so when I made my piece I knew it would correspond with his previous work. I noticed he never presented his fall winter 2011 collection as a runway, but instead as a video this is because,...
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