Gardner and Zigler

Topics: Psychology, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: July 30, 2012
To begin, Psychologist Gardner (2003) and Zigler (2003) contribute some very interesting contributions to the field of psychology. Gardner (2003) made three contributions “He sought to broaden our conceptions of what the human mind is capable of, and the mind at its best can accomplish and how the young mind might be better educated”p83. Inevitably, turning to psychology" he was surprised to discover that the arts were virtually invisible in most texts”p80. On thy hand Zigler (2003) contributions were different but somewhat similar he stated that “he always believed that the scientific method is a powerful tool for discerning what drives human behavior and development and, eventually for improving these facets of human life p280.” Both Gardner and Zigler encountered some resistance and obstacles along the way. Gardner (2003)”By the 1980’s his finances became more difficult to secure support for the issues that he had become interested in. Nevertheless Gardner (2003) was able to attract support from private foundations and generous individual’s p83. Zigler (2003) stated that “The foundation granted seed money for four centers for one decade”p280. With reading both articles from beginning to end I discover that they were different within their journeys while becoming a psychologist. Gardner (2003) did law, medicine and teaching for a while. Gardner (2003) stated that “he always had an attraction for social sciences more likely because of the powerful influences of an eclectic collection of brilliant professors”p79. On thy other hand, Zigler (2003) decided to do public administration and politics as a career. “Until one day, a prominent developmental made a point of scolding him and telling him he has all the potential of being a psychologist” p278. Both Gardner and Zigler(2003) were different in a variety of ways. One way Gardner (2003) was different was he experience different career paths prior to him looking into going into psychology.” Zigler(2003) took...
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