Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

Topics: Theory of multiple intelligences, Education, Intelligence Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Application of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner’s MI theory is embraced and applied by many authorities to education problems nowadays. It is an alternative for educators that feel out of step with the current orientation to curriculum and educational system (Smith, 2008). The approach includes a broad vision education, local and flexible programmes development and morality establishment. Educators are required to attend to all intelligences instead of just a few. Unfortunately, many children in Malaysia who have these intelligences do not gain any reinforcements in school. Education in Malaysia has always focused on school test scores and achievements which caused the inconsistent scoring rate, where some students score better than others. The No Child Left Behind legislations make sure that all teachers use the MI theory to plan out strategies to increase academic performances and enhance curriculum activities (Douglas, Butron & Reese-Durham, 2008). At the end of the day, the question is why do some students score better and how can we improve the education system? Too many capable students are caught up in the Malaysia education system that only emphasizes in linguistic and mathematical intelligence (Diaz-Lefebvre, 2004).This learning style has encouraged rote memory teaching strategies that may foster no connection to material, low motivation and poor performances. Students rarely place much value on understanding; they pay more attention on memorization- regurgitation (Diaz-Lefebvre). Moreover, standardized assessment system is not effective to test education quality because student’s performances are heavily influenced by three main causations which are what’s taught in school, student’s native intellectual ability and out of school learning (Popham, 1999). Subject such as mathematic which is measured in standardized tests is learnt only in school. Hence, children who are always absent will eventually score low grades (Popham)....
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