Garders Theory

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Luis Garcia Calzada
English. Homework


Gardners theory, also known as the multiple intelligence theory is a theory which consists of the intelligence of a person divided into multiple areas in which one the person might identify with or be better at. There’s a wide field of intelligence going from special to artistic abilities like painting and music. According to Gardner everyone must have at least one ability that they are good at. Gardner divided abilities into different fields.

This area has to do with logic, abstractions, reasoning and numbers and critical thinking. Logical mathematical is considered one of the most important ones due to its high use in modern world. It can be used to take advantage over situations and abilities devolpoed with these skills are highly played of in jobs.

This area deals with spatial judgment and the ability to visualize with the mind's eye. Spatial is a good use ability but it does nothing more but saving you time nothing that can really change your life.

This area has to do with words, spoken or written.  People with this ability tend to learn two or more languages this helps with daily communication and are people who can easily express themselves with a wide vocabulary.

The core elements of the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are control of one's bodily motions and the capacity to handle objects skillfully. Sadly Bodily Kinesthesis is one of the most common out there so if people have this type of intelligence more developed more than the other ones they’re going to have a very hard competition.

This area has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music. People with this ability usually have a sense to music higher than other ones identifying feelings or meaning in songs and lyrics.

This area has to do with interaction with others. Helps a lot with social...
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