Gardenburger Situation Analysis, Swot & Alternatives

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Section 1 - Situation Analysis

1.0Internal Conditions

There has been an evolution in the vision for the Gardenburger Company. This vision was originally to:

Pursue visionary ideas that are helping to sustain the health and integrity of our planet. We are committed to offering healthy food choices to the world, supporting meatless concerns and advocating the benefits of meatless eating.

Current management has built on this vision and has adopted the following direction:

1.1 Objectives

1.To bring the highly profitable Gardenburger into the mainstream consumer market 2.To become the leading developer, producer, and branded marketer of great tasting, convenient meat replacement alternatives in all major distribution channels. 3.To make the brand the premier name in the category.

1.2 Strategies

Growth Strategy

1.Brand the veggie patty category
2.Leverage the brand into new channels (achieve a min. of 70% penetration for six SKU¡¦s) 3.Support expansion with advertising and promotion
4.Strengthen leadership position in current channels (food service, club store, grocery) 5.Develop & introduce new products

Product Strategy: Focus efforts primarily on veggie patty category rather than meat alternatives.

Distribution Strategy: Aggressively expand distribution into the mainstream retail grocery channel.

Sales Strategy: Leverage the original Gardenburger veggie patty and its flavour variants to position its product with the trade as the number one veggie patty in each of the food service, natural food store and club store channels in order to become the number one veggie patty in the mainstream retail grocery channel.

Marketing Strategy

1.Build awareness of the category and the brand.
2.Position the brand as healthy, good tasting and convenient. 3.Target the brand to the ¡¥health modifier¡¦ segment.

Pricing Strategy: Slightly higher price than the competition due to company¡¦s perception that their product was better quality and tasted better.

Spending Effort

1.Focused primarily on print ads in food service trade publications, trade shows, off-invoice promotions with distributors, in-store sampling and radio advertising to consumers. 2.Planned to increase budget in 1998 particularly in national television and print media.

1.3Brand strength, equity & performance

„XGardenburger has steadily grown in sales over the years; from $13M in 1993 to $39M in 1996 „XDistribution is broad in the US and Canada- in over 30,000 food service outlets, 10,000 retail outlets, and over 4,000 natural food stores „XCurrently holds 21% of the meat alternatives market which is second to Morningstar¡¦s share of 42%.

1.4Sources of added value and SCA

„XFocus on the veggie patty category rather than just meat alternatives- creates an area of specialty and expertise (competitors do the opposite) „XDifferentiates the product by not formulating it to taste like meat; uses natural ingredients „XThere is no real SCA for Gardenburger

1.5Resources ¡V human, capital, technological, financial

„XCEO, Lyle Hubbard: reputation for increasing profits and reviving images „XDistribution channels- through approx. 60 independent food brokers and 500 active distributors „XProduct is shipped in temperature controlled fleets; stored in frozen storage warehouses in major cities in the US & Canada „XGardenburger has limited financial resources as advertising & promotional efforts increase to meet strategic objectives. Their cost structure puts them at a disadvantage vs. their competitors.

1.6Organizational Structure and Values

„XInitially founded in 1981 by restaurant entrepreneur & chef, Paul Wenner. „XHas maintained small organizational structure.
„XSticks to the original recipe and expands product lines from it. „XHubbard is leading company away from its initial vision into a more mainstream vision. He is also a ¡¥meat lover¡¦ and may not share the sensitivities...
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