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Topics: Employment, Customer, Anxiety Pages: 8 (2494 words) Published: March 12, 2013
1. What factors have led to Janice Bowman’s current frustrations? Answer:
Janice Bowman joined The Garden Depot in 2005, after working as a general manager for one of the competitors. Although, Janice did not complain working seven days a week, she was concerned about the way the landscaping division was functioning. Some of the major causes of her frustration could be listed as: 1. Derek Sinclair: was the manager of the landscaping department & was unqualified for the job. He lacked the experience & skills needed to handle the responsibilities assigned to him. Thus, he demonstrated poor customer skills by not answering the customers calls efficiently & tried to avoid them whenever possible. As Derek did not have any experience in the landscaping industry, he could not handle customer queries or understand their requirements which led to the customer's dissatisfaction. In addition to that, Sinclair was unsure which material would have to be used for a particular job & was hence not quoting the right price. Also, Sinclair did not send out the invoices on time which meant the customers were not billed for days after the work was done. When Bowman tried to help, Sinclair took her for granted & ended up delegating every single bill. When, Bowman realized that Sinclair had assumed the role of a free rider, she made arrangements for him to reclaim his duty to reduce the burden off her shoulders. Soon, it was noticed that Sinclair began delegating the work of computer entering the new invoices to John Campbell, a part time landscaper with no invoicing experience. Overall, Sinclair's lack of interest towards his responsibility, casual approach & low level of cooperation bothered Bowman. 2. Job Slips: Bowman was responsible for inventory management. The job slip was a list of all the materials that would be used for a particular job. It helped to keep track of the inventory & to charge the customer correctly. Bowman had a tough time tracking her inventory as these job slips were incorrectly prepared. A job that would ideally require 6 sprinklers had only 3 listed on the job slip along with hardly any plumbing supplies. Hence, to track the right details she had to get hold of every landscaper to determine the exact inventory used. She knew that these inconsistencies would result in losses. Additionally, Sinclair did not seem sincere to review the job slips he prepared with his limited industry knowledge. 3. Customer Dissatisfaction & Effect on Employees:

Due to the poor leadership & interpersonal skills of Derek Sinclair, the customer's complaints, queries & issues were not solved efficiently. Their requirements were not met accurately which led to the customer's frustration. The customer's would vent this frustration at Bowman & the on field workers. The customers were even more frustrated as they did not receive regular status reports & follow up calls from Derek. To add to the problem, Sinclair would avoid customer calls. Bowman feared customer dissatisfaction would motivate customers to go elsewhere which will affect the well-being of the Depot. 4. Staff Problems:

Jayme Strong, a landscaper with the depot since 2007, was charging longer than regular hours on his timecard. On having a conversation with a long time customer, Bowman learnt that Jayme Strong had done work for them which was not billed by the depot. This realization led her to doubt that Jayme could be doing additional work for the...
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