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Executive Summary


The Garden Depot (The Depot), a large retail store specializing in the garden and lawn services, is experiencing issues that are effecting its customer satisfaction. Janice Bowman, office manager at The Depot, is frustrated with the high level of customer complaints she is receiving. The majority of the complaints are caused by the landscaping division, more specifically its manager Derek Sinclair. Communication within both the divisions and its customers needs to be resolved in order for the business to prosper once again.


The major problem highlighted in the case has to do with the high prevalence of customer dissatisfaction. However a deeper analysis reveals additional issues with the company. For instance, theft and stock outs are becoming a prevalent issue. Ultimately, employee discontent is becoming widespread within The Garden Depot. All of these problems are leading to the loss of client base and profits.


Customer dissatisfaction is caused by the majority of inexperienced staff at The Garden Depot. Complaints and phone calls are not being returned by The Depot and this is adding to the customers’ frustration. Theft and stock outs are a direct result of inventory mismanagement. This issue is caused by poor communications within the divisions and with the customers. Finally, lack of proper communication between the staff and upper management has caused employee dissatisfaction within the company


The Garden Depot should have a few goals in mind after it resolves most of the issues within the company. The Depot should focus on good customer relations as its top priority. Following this should be the formalizing of jobs and duties in a way to promote employee satisfaction. Finally, The Depot can focus on extending its business cycle by introducing products that fit a year-round client base.

Action Alternatives

The following are alternatives the company could follow to reach its goals. The company can attain its goals by evaluating its staff and assigning specific job responsibilities. The Depot could also introduce an incentive or rewards program to bring up employee morale. Additionally, new divisions or departments can be made with centralized responsibilities.


Out of the action alternatives listed above it is believed that the implementation of new divisions fits the company’s needs. This would require one full year to complete and will consist of adding an operations, customer service, inventory control, marketing and human resources division. Jobs would now be centralized and work progress would be optimized. If the implementation fails due to lack of funds, it is recommended for the company to have investors or shareholders ready.


The following assumptions were made in the preparation of the provided case analysis:

• The Garden Depot’s fiscal year and calendar year are identical

• The timeline provided in the recommendation/implementation section gives estimated dates of progress assuming that the company follows the implementation directly.

• Murray King is assumed to be physically and psychologically fit for the general manager position.


The Garden Depot (The Depot) was founded in 1985 by Murray and Glenda King in Barrie, Ontario. It began as a small shop which offered floral, lawn-care and gardening products. Over the years, profits grew and so...
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