Garbage: Recycling and Heather Rogers States

Topics: Recycling, Waste management, Waste Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: February 19, 2013
When I first read Heather Rogers’ “The Hidden Life of Garbage“, she wrote well but seemed to miss the point. But as I reread the essay, I came to realized she was raising awareness through disgust then leaving the big question for the reader to ponder. I think a lot of the readers of this article would probably benefit from some clear cut ideas and / or solutions stated by the author in the essay. I believe a lot of readers have become accustomed to “corporate green washing” due to television, radio, etc and governmental control of much of their lives. Far too many American citizens rely upon the government to think for them. When the Environmental Protection Agency reports that a catastrophic situation is safe or no longer toxic, world-wide citizens, and specifically Americans, go blindly on following their words as an infallible authority. We no longer think independently. That is why I believe Ms. Rogers needs to include a solution. As I watched the documentary, “Gone Tomorrow”, I realized that even the director of thevideo was somewhat guilty of “green washing” because of the quirky soundtrack and 1950’s movie cuts. It was not harsh enough to truly hammer the point home. While it emphasized what happens to our garbage after we take it to the curb, I believe a greater point would have been to place responsibility on the consumer and the corporate planned obsolescence. As Heather Rogers states, “What if we didn’t have so much trash to get rid of?” This is more of a public problem then a government one, WE are as responsible for the overabundance of waste as anyone. How many Styrofoam cups were used on campus today? The author uses many terms for garbage in her essay; “rejectamenta”, “detritus”, “castoffs” etc. While these terms enlighten the reader to many names of garbage, I believe, it again detracts from the point, giving the work too playful an attitude. If more time were spent focusing on the publics responsibility of the problem instead of...
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