Garbage and Recycling Wastes

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28 November 2012

Garbage and Recycling Wastes
Today cleanliness is the most important thing in both the homes and in a society. Taking care of the environment is a big responsibility. Since disposing of garbage and wastes maintains sanitary in the envorinment, everybody should also care about the beauty of their surroundings. Home garbages and some other solid wates should certainly be cleared out and be burned to keep the weather of the environment clean, however it is not always the case to burn kinds of wastes and totally get rid of them though. Thus, recycling solid wastes can also be reused to produce materials over again, such nylon and glass bottles, paper and plastic materials. In almost many developed countries, the governments have provided certain trash cans for the reusable items while in Iraq this important service has still not been supplied. Therefore, since we can make use of some solid waste products, the vicinities in Iraq needs to be more cared about by both the people and the government. My point in this essay is that, as a recommendation for the government, particular trash cans must be provided in the public places.

Initially, besides the ignorance of the government, a highly percentage of both the Kurdish and Arab people are also ignoring the cleanliness of their surroundings. Russell Hardin, an american journalist indicates, to a large extent, individuals will choose to ignore the reponsibility of garbage disposing if the governemnt will not take care of the purge system and provide garbage trucks in the areas. In my opinion, this phrase exactly describes the situation in the Iraqi society. For example, as I went to the bazar last week, there was a huge mess on the sidewalks, everywhere was full of garbage and thrown water bottles on the ground. Besides the filthiness of the people, I realized that it was definitely the fault of the government. Consequently, there would be no that much mess and garbage around if the...
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