Gap Year Benefits

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Gap year Have you ever thought of what you’re going to do once you get out of high school? Maybe you will go to college right away or maybe you will start working? Maybe you will decide to take a year off before you go to college? I think that taking a gap year is a very good thing because you can get work experience and explore the world. (According to planning a gap year) In some countries it is a tradition for their students to take a year off from colleague to work for their armed services. A example is Yemen were if you don’t attend a private university, you have to wait a year after high school before you can apply for a college they do this so the army has new fresh troops every year and the woman have to teach in a school or work in a hospital. Other countries that tend to do the gap year are Japan who makes new graduates match with jobs they like to give them some employment practice before they go to colleague. Also India has what they call a drop year which is very popular for a student that is trying to get into coaching institutions. Ghana is a country where it is not frowned upon to take a gap year. Austria were two percent of Austria’s taken a year off before attending colleague and typically chooses to travel around or in Australia backpacking. Britain according to the (British gap year the phenomena) are on the decline in the United Kingdom where it’s been an allowed idea for years. The problems are the financial concerns the economic down turn and and increasing downturn in college student admissions also of the three hundred thousand college bound seniors only eleven percent took a gap year. On the other side of the coin Denmark has sought to limit the number of students who take year out penalizing students who delay their education to travel or work full time by increasing college rates. Also some...
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