Gap Year

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Opinion essay: Gap Year

A term," gap year", which is famous in some countries like in United Kingdom and the United States. A time out year, it can be anywhere, anytime, doing anything. A gap year was usually viewed as the activity of taking time out after secondary school to gain working experience and learn new skills before enter university. Some people say that a gap year is a beneficial year, but some say that it is a waste of time.

First of all, there are some advantages on having a gap year. Students may become more confident and independent as they learn making responsible decision for themselves. They can also see the world, and learning things that they could never learn at school. For example to learn a new language by speaking with native speakers abroad and get to know new cultures. They may use the time to think about their future and experience life. Besides, they can make new friends with different nationality.

I did roughly the same, because I went to Italy for a practical trainee at a camping site. I was working in a restaurant for 6 days a week and lived in a boarding house with other trainees from all over the world. It was a good experience for me, because I become confident and independent. I learn very good how to speak Italian and a lot of their culture. Beside the work I went to the beach everyday and I enjoyed the sun. I learned a lot of people to know and made trips when I got free. I would recommend a gap year, because there are a lot of benefits and not a waste of year.
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