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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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Course End Summary
The purpose of this assignment is to convey what I learned from this course. Unfortunately I find myself at the end of a six week Masters course with no gained knowledge in the subject matter of Human Capital Management. Therefore I will focus my paper on areas of the course that could use improvement in order to provide a more valuable education on the topic of Human Capital management. Subject Matter Focus

The purpose of this course should be to provide a solid education on how the goals and strategies of an organization can be achieved by proper management of the most valuable resource of an organization; it’s employees. The overall goal should be to instruct students on developing managers and C-levels that have the ability to develop human capital strategies that will align the management of their employees to contribute to the overall success of an organization. The current curriculum focused on undergrad course level material “ Human Resources Management 201”; Employment Laws, Job Descriptions, Compensation & Benefits, Recruitment/Selection Processes, Training & Development, and Operational Diversity. The topics that are relevant to this course are the following: Strategic Human Resources Management, Management of Ethics and Organizational Policy, Management of Complex Systems and Strategic Workforce Planning and Management. The above referenced courses provide the information that is necessary to successfully and effectively manage human capital in an organization. Interactive Discussion Forums

The information that should be obtained from this course will play a significant role in managing employees and processes. The manner in which topics were discussed as a group was chaotic. The discussion forum should have been set up with the initial topic and each additional topic delving deeper into the subject matter to provide a more in depth understanding of the topics. An example...
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