Gap Model Analysis of First Flight Courier by Nikhil , Kushagra and Jeetu

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  • Published: January 17, 2012
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Nikhil Raju (PA1018)
Kushagra Jadhav (PA1015)
Jithu N Kurias (PA1013)


Couriers are basically a service for sending money or goods at some extra cost. It involves a person or a company engaged in transporting, dispatching and distributing letters, parcels and mails. In a rather layman term, it can be said that, compared to normal mail service, a courier possess many added features. A courier is much faster, safer and secured than ordinary mail. It is a specialized service with authenticated signatures. It has tracking service with each service being treated as a specific individual case. Dedicated timely deliverance is its primary hallmark. These features do cost a bit extra but with so many features available, the cost gets leveraged. The courier industry specializes in time-definite, reliable transportation services for documents, packages and freight. This is done via a combination of transport networking that includes road, rail, sea and air for door-to-door delivery. This extensive distribution system is supported by infrastructure that comprises hubs, warehouses, IT technology and human resources, as well as offices in various cities.

One of the main reasons for the increase in courier companies is the boom in global trade, probably largely down to the Internet. Couriers have to deal with all sorts of requests from delivering simple mail documents to large electronic items like computers, printers and televisions. Simply put, the courier market has grown due to demand from customers and businesses.

More and more courier companies appear on a regular basis, and you may have noticed different courier logos and branding on vans and planes across the world. Many of these courier companies operate independently, where as others rely on some of the larger courier companies when it comes to providing international deliveries.


Owing to the...
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