Gap Model

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Gaps Model of Service Quality
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Executive Summary3

Customer Gap4
Example of Customer Gap4
Listening Gap5
Example of Listening Gap6
Standard Design And Standard Gap7
Example of Design and Standard Gap8
Service Performance Gap9
Example of Service Performance Gap10
Communication Gap11
Example of Communication Gap12
Closing Gap12

Diagram of Gap Model of Service Quality 13

Customers realize that the current system is not flawless. Companies see that providing better service quality will create and obtain the customers loyalty, continuation of business and enhance the quality of the organization. Service quality is suppose to be consistent, reliable and accountable for any business, however gaps in service quality can lead to unsatisfied customers and loss of business. The Gaps Model of Service Quality is used to fix the gaps of the service that is being provided. They include: • The Customer Gap- The difference between customer’s expectations and perceptions. • Gap 1 (Listening Gap) –The difference between the customers expectations of service and the companies understanding of those expectations. • Gap 2 (Service Design and Standard Gap) - The difference between the company or firm understanding the customer expectation and development of customer-driven service designs and standards. • Gap 3 (Service Performance Gap) - Represents the development of customer-driven service standards and the actual performance by the companies employees. • Gap 4 (Communication Gap) -The difference between the service delivery and the service providers external communications. • Closing Gap- Closing gaps 1-4 and keeping them closed. Real life experiences are a way to illustrate how gaps in service quality can be addressed and predetermined in every day life. Possessing too many gaps in a service that are left unnoticed or unfixed can lead to a decline in the company and the overall reputation of the business. Learning how to close the Gaps is a way to reflect the type of foundation and service quality that the business will demonstrate through services. Customer Gap

The Customer Gap is critical in delivering quality service as it is the backbone of the model. The Customer Gap is the difference between customer expectations and perceptions in service quality. Customer expectations deals with what a customer believes should or will happen in the service. In order to deliver quality service the firms need to close the gap between what the customer expects and what they perceive will happen (Services, 32). Managers can find this hard to do because in some cases they are not in direct contact with the customers; rather it is their employees that are. This can be a problem because it is important to get a clear understanding of the customer’s wants and or needs to fulfill the customer’s expectations (Bianca, 1). The customer’s behavior does have an effect on the quality of service that they feel they are provided with as well. Example of Customer Gap

An example of this would be my last trip to Applebee’s. I was not too fond of going to Applebee’s because the last time I went I expected my food to be a certain way but it did not come out that way. The staff and even the managers seemed to give me a problem because my food was not cooked to my liking. A new store opened up in Yonkers so I decided to try out the new restaurant with my family. Already having a chip on my shoulder about going was enough to make me not hungry. However their service was amazing from the minute we walked into the door to when we walked out. Everyone had a kind smile and was very attentive to my families’ special needs. They also payed close attention to my nephew who loved the attention. The food came out fast and tasted amazing and was every bit to my liking. One meal came out wrong, or not to my father’s expectation and they kindly took it back and...
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