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Marketing Principles
Richard Kisembo

“ IMC Plan Outline ”

Febrina Halim
Stella Wong

Shanghai, China
Desember 2011
1. Executive Summary.
The Gap, Inc. (Gap) is a specialty retailer engaged in selling clothing, accessories and personal care products. When Gap was founded in 1969, its targeted customers were younger generations (hence the name of the store, which refers to the generation gap of the time). Gap's originally sold signature blue jeans and white cotton t-shirts, but later expanded to include clothing for men, women and children. The product line of the company includes casual apparel like denim, khakis and T-shirts; footwear, personal care products, accessories and fashion apparel. The company sells its products through its retail stores, internet and catalog store. The stores of the company operate under the banners Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic. The company is also engaged in wholesale and franchisee businesses. Gap operates about 3,100 stores in the US, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan and the UK. Gap is headquartered in San Francisco, California, the US. Our mission is to doing more advertising champagne, maximize the strengths of GAP,inc, be more creative making new products like combine the core products into the fashionable one, reduce it’s real estate portfolio, make the products looks attractive and unique so GAP can compete ZARA and H&M. Generally company’s customers are young and middle aged people eager to try something new every season, enthusiastic about color and inspirational design. The Gap inc does an outstanding job of hitting the spot of the teen market, even while their advertising tries to draw in a more adult crowd, who definitely don’t want to wear the same brand as their parents. Profit making resources covering advertising, competitive intelligence, best practices, public relations, pricing, and market research for small business. Providing excellent customer service requires a number of easy steps that create an ongoing process that's memorable to your customers. Here are nine ways to start providing great customer service right now. 2. Problem Statement.

People's tastes change as their incomes and lives change. The Gap was tailor-made for people like this writer, who, lacking any interest in or knack for fashion, just wanted affordable clothes that would be acceptable in school, at work, or at leisure. But over time, many of the Gap's core customers had to start dressing better for work. Others acquired better or more expensive tastes. Or, as in my case, they acquired spouses with more discerning taste. the Gap simply ran out of good shopping sites. And quality certainly has something to do with it. The Gap is on the wrong side of the fine line separating cheap (as in low price) from cheap (as in low quality). Selling cheap, trendy clothes that can be worn a season or two and tossed has proved more successful with teens than carrying better-made "classics" — although some customers complain that Gap's clothes aren't as well made as they once were. The Gap doesn't seem hip any longer. They simply market one color or one style, so its goods don't seem unique anymore. The biggest problem for Gap stores is that the chain now occupies the murky middle, even in the parent company's own portfolio. And in the age of mass luxury and two Americas shopping, the middle market is nowhere. People who really need to scrimp on clothes spending will go to Old Navy, or H&M, or Wal-Mart. And those who can afford to spend more will go to Banana Republic, or Barneys, or Nordstrom.

3. Situation Analysis.
a) SWOT.
SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses/Limitations, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. This analysis involves specifying the objective of a project within a company and then trying to identify the internal and external factor...
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