Gap Analysis of the Goa Ice Cream Market.

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Gap analysis of the Goa ice cream market.



Ice creams have been consumed in Goa in the form of deserts as early as the late sixties. The market was then limited to the urban rich.

Popular restaurants and hotels made their own ice cream recipes.

House hold consumption was limited to self made ice creams at home.

Yummy started its operations in Goa in the early seventies.

As a manufacturer it was the first to enter the ice cream market. Dollops as a major Indian ice cream manufacturer started it’s operations in Goa in 1989-90. It also built a factory in Goa . by 1991 , dollops became the market leader 8n Goa , holding a market share of 40-45 %. Vadilal started its operations Goa in 1990-91.

It made considerable inroads into the bulk markets. In 1994 , dollops exited the market following two consecutive years in losses.

The presence of today’s kwality -walls can be dated to 1994, when kwality started a factory . in march 1995, Brooke bond Lipton took over the kwality operations. The factory was closed an year later as the manufacturing processes were deemed unhygenic by BBL. Kwality -walls has continued it’s operations in Goa through Poona till date.

In the last five years a number of local manufacturer’s have entered the ice cream market of Goa.

Among the significant ones are Merry milk, Perina (kolhapr based), himalya(margao based), Vimpco(vasco based), baba ice creams(bardez based), kalpana (ponda based), Appy(fartorda), nirmala, narmada, big scoop(pillar), frosty(pilerne).

These local ice cream manufacturers serve a highly regionalised market. Conventional manufacturing processes are used which renders ice creams unhygenic. The turnover of these local manufacturere’s varies from one lakh to twenty five lakh’s.

The only exception is yummy which is the market leader with a turnover in excess of two crores. Having been the first to enter the market it has firmly established itself as a local brand.

Amul started it’s ice cream operations in Goa last year. Baskin robbins is another international player who has come into to the market recently. It has been able to make it’s presence in the premium bulk market. In addition to star hotels some popular restaurants have started purchasing its ice creams.

The major players in the ice cream market today are yummy, kwality-walls, vadilal, Amul, dinshaw , Baskin robbins.


ICE CREAM refers to products made out of milk , solids, stabalisers,emulsifiers, air etc and consumed in a frozen form.other products consumed in a frozen form are ice candies , cones etc.

Ice cream business thus refers to all products consumed in a frozen form and requiring a distribution mechanism to ensure its availability in that form. The distribution channels have to ensure that all products leaving the factory reach the customers in a frozen form. This is also refereed to as the cold chain.

Unlike other commodities Ice creams are not consumed to satisfy basic needs . the ability of ice creams to satisfy esteem needs is also highly debatable. The very use of these products are essentially for indulgence and refreshment. However they have to satisfy the wants of product safety, indulgence, fun , nutrition etc.

Thus by its very attributes it is more of a luxury item and ice cream business if managed well can be highly profitable.

The type of ice cream is basically determined by the pattern of its consumption i.e. by venue and the means.

It can be consumed in home or out on the street, park etc. It can be eaten by hand holding( stick’s, cones etc) or by plate and spoon(scoops, slices etc).

The market for ice creams can be defined on the basis of geographic, demographic and pcychographic factors.

The cold chain differentiates the ice cream business from other foods businesses. Thus a geographic expansion necessitates heavy investment in...
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