Gap Analysis for Hilton Hotel

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Table of Contents

1. Marketing objectives of the research2
2. Information require to fulfil the marketing objectives3
3. Considerations in the Research Process7
3.1 The Research Approach and Methodology8
3.2 Questionnaire Design8
3.3 Customer Target and Sample9
3.4 Data Collection Approach and Response Rates10
3.5 Data Processing10

The hotel industry is one of the most prolific industries in Australia due to its presence in society and, the impact it has on the nation’s economy. Advances in technology since the end of the 20th Century have allowed the service market of a hotel to develop rapidly (Hilton Melbourne South Wharf 2012). The Hilton Hotel provides us with a satisfactory example of a major player in Australia’s hotel industry. This report will critically examine aspects of surveying patrons of Hilton hotels with the aim of identifying service ‘gaps’ for management to address. With the service gaps identified and corrective action taken this will allow Hilton Hotels to remain competitive and be the hotel of choice for the business customer. (120words)

1.Marketing objectives of the research
Hilton hotel management have identified the following business objectives and require qualitative and quantitative research to provide credible data for the implementation of potential solutions to address these issues. Research objectives required by Hilton Hotel management include the need to survey business customers in particular and determine areas for improvement. One of the main aims of management is to place Hilton Hotels at the forefront of the business traveller mind for executive and business related services. As part of the Hilton Hotel commitment to continuous customer improvement strategies management want to gauge the strengths and weaknesses that the following service areas display. Hotel management wish to discover the level of customer satisfaction with the following services, * Rooms

* Housekeeping
* Food and beverage
* Corporate and Business service
* Conference facilities
In addition customer research will compare Hilton hotels with a major competitor. This information will better palace Hilton Hotels to be more responsive to the requirements of the business guest, improve hotel check-in and check-out times, improve the standard of food and beverage and plan for the upgrade of business and internet facilities. Using a gap analysis management will be able to focus on the necessary requirements to improve our star rating, increase room occupancy rates and increase productivity whilst decreasing costs. (215 words)

2.Information require to fulfil the marketing objectives
As defined in the marketing objective, Hilton Hotel will be based mainly on ensuring that what areas of service that still need to be improved in relation to determine the level of customer satisfaction. However, attention must be paid to the potential areas of service that may need improvement. Firstly, we should conduct a research to obtain the right information to fulfil marketing objectives. Then, we need to ensure information and outcome gained from our research are strongly related to specific business needs. It means that we need to understand the customers’ expectations of the service in correlation to their current level of satisfaction. Therefore, we will be able to identify and understand our current position in certain areas of service. From this information, we can feasibly obtain a potential successful outcome. Finally, we can also determine the possible number of improvements that may help the business to advance. In this case, we may conduct a hotel survey with its objective to improve specific services and facilities. Zikmund&Babin (2009, p.6) suggest ‘business research process’ follows linear sequences of actions: * Idea development

* Problem definition
* Collecting...
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