Gantt Chart Analysis

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I have been assigned the job of creating a project schedule for the construction of a new hotel complex in Preston Town Centre; it is next to a major roundabout in the town centre which is less than half a mile away from the local train station and bus station. As planning permission has been approved, work will begin shortly on constructing the complex. I have been given a list of all the major tasks that are included in building the complex as well as the duration of each task and an approximate cost of each job, as per standard I will be charging £50 a hour to create the schedule which will include a Gantt Chart, a critical path analysis and a cost analysis for the construction. Discussion of schedule of projects

The project that I am scheduling will take a lot of time to complete due to the size of the said project, according to the duration of each task that I have been provided with, the project will take at least sixteen months to complete as none of the tasks can be attempted until the tasks previous to it have been completed successfully. Due to the time that it will take to complete the assignment, I have created a large Gantt chart to compensate the full amount of time it will take to finish construction. I have discovered that all of the tasks rely on the tasks previous to them as it is a building site. For example the construction team cannot pour concrete into the holes for support until the holes have been created or the clearance of the site of all the rubble after the site was cleared. This have affected my ideas on how the project would be approached, as the site will be busy doing each task as they are rather large to complete, that they cannot be started until the previous tasks have been successfully completed as it would cause too much confusion and workers having to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.

Discussion Of Costing Of Projects
A major part of project management is the cost of completing the project. The cost...
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