Ganong Bros

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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International Business Planning and Strategy

Ganong Bros.


After analyzing the current situation of the firm and the market we would recommend that Ganong should discontinue the product lines that are not profitable (exhibit 1). Secondly Ganong should become more proactive in the private label sector (exhibit 5). Third Ganong should improve the effectiveness of their sales force and receivable staff (exhibit 4). This will improve the firm’s people and production processes as well as give the company a new opportunity for growth in this competitive industry


Based on our financials we will continue our operations in only 3 categories (exhibit 1). Furthermore we will we expand into private label sales in each of the categories to gain more market share thus yielding higher revenues (exhibit 5). We will enter into private label sales by reorganizing our sales force. We will reorganize our sales agents and remaining top sales agents will be secure private label contracts with companies such as Presidents Choice and Loblaws. Private label labels is that it will provide us with a low risk opportunity for increased sales volume with limited competition (exhibit 5).

Ganong must change the way it engages its sales force in marketing its products. First we must get rid underperforming sales people to save cost. The saved cost will allow Gangong to explore enhance brand awareness in areas that are profitable for us such as Ontario. Next our sales force must also change the way they sell. We must take our highest achieving sales people and focus them on selling private label contracts. By implementing the above options we can expect an improvement in the firm’s profitability through increase sales and lower cost (exhibit 2). Lastly our accounts receivables are much higher then the industry medians and our inventory cost are increasing every while our finished goods are increasing (exhibit 4). This issue can attributed...
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