Gangym Style

Topics: Music, Harmony, Rhythm Pages: 2 (305 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Engaged Listening

Title: ___________________________gangnamsyle______________________________________ Composer: _____________________________psy________________________________ Artist (if known): ___________________________psy______________________________

Musical Elements
Rhythm & Tempo: fast ,frantic | rhythm: even, uneven, long, short, rests, duple, triple, quadruple, pulsing, driving, repeated, syncopation tempo: slow, fast, frantic, peaceful, moderate, accel., a tempo, ritard | Melody: high bass | pitch- treble, bass, high, low, middle, mixed range, ascending, descending, melody-conjunct, disjunct, steps & leaps, short or long phrases, arch, wave, vivid motif, theme | Harmony & Texture heavy,polphonic | harmony-melody, accompaniment, rich, sparse, monophonic, polyphonic, homophonic, consonance, dissonance, block chords, broken chords, resolution texture-dense, thin, thick, medium, heavy, light, sparse. few/many instruments | Tonality: bright happy | tonality-major, minor, combo, changing, indistinct, bright, happy, dark, somber, other | Dynamics & Articulation: crescendo | dynamics-loud, soft, mezzo, crescendo, decrescendo articulation-staccato, clipped, legato, smooth large contrasts, little contrast | Timbre: bright, brilliant, clear, | bright, brilliant, clear, deep, heavy, warm, reedy, thin, breathy, piercing, harsh, mellow, dark, light, airy | Form & Structure: no | theme, section, A, B, C..., phrase, verse, strophic, binary, ternary, antecedent, consequent, restatement, introduction, bridge | Context: NA for this project | place and time |

Personal Response
Physical: make me dance | How did the music affect my body? How would I characterize the sound of the music to my ears? | Emotional: good makes me happy | How did the music make me feel? What mood does the music create? What activity...
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