Gangs Problem in Hk

Topics: Sociology, Self-fulfilling prophecy, Crime Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: April 14, 2013
From these figures,we can observe that juvenile girls mainly commit some crimes that is not serious,such as wounding,robberies, blackmailing unlawful assembly and different kind of thefts.There are some main activities that gangs usually do,such as bullying others,they will randomly find some target to bully with no reason or a minor reason.A news in last month reported that a group of 3 people in Tin Shui Wai hit a student because he look at them just a few seconds.Besides,the will hang around in street and publie place and commit crime.

Then,we will talk about the different social institutions that are malfunctioning.The first one is family.The second one is school.And the last one is jobs.In the past,because of the gender inequality,man in the family are the breadwinner,they need to earn money to support the family.Women in the family are homekeeper.They just need to stay at home instead of working.Howevevr,nowadays,because of the gender equality,the role of the family member have changed.Man may need to look after the family too,and women may need to work as well.Because of the mixed role of parents,they don’t have much time to take care their children.As a result,teenagers will have more chance to form gangs with friends. Next, juvenile gangs only finish form 5 or below in secondary school because they don’t have much interest in study..Many of them fail in HKCEE or HKDSE. They have low education level compared to the majority of teenagers.As a result,they cannot find a high income job.Those teenagers can only find a low income job which have no education and skill requirement,such as saleswomen,waitress…etc.With the low income,they cannot save money for investment or buying housing.As a result,they cannot achieve the cultural goal,becoming wealthy.

Next,we will talk about the reason for the girl joining gangs.The reason why they join gangs is because of innovation.Innovation is a form of spontaneous adaptation under normless situation.Under...
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