Gangs of New York

Topics: Dead Rabbits, Gangs of New York, Five Points, Manhattan Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: April 29, 2008
Gangs of New York, is a movie rich in plot, significant setting and historical information. It is also full of cultural and economic differences which carry the movie forward. It tells us of a time that tensions exist between the Irish immigrants and the natives, both of which are trying to find their place in the “world” and claim a land for their own. A movie overwhelmed by anger, resentment, pain, chaos and shallow happiness, that is wrapped up in a most unsettling way. It begins with a gang battle between the Dead Rabbits who are the Irish immigrants and the Bowery Boys who are the “blood” natives. They appear civilized in their approach to battle concerning rules but when it comes to actually fighting they are unmerciful. This feud has obviously been boiling over for time and will continue to exist no matter which gang comes out victorious. I will now discuss in detail all the relevant aspects of the story’s setting in respect to the true battle.

First I feel it is necessary to describe the outdoor scenery of the Five Points in comparison to that of the wealthy. The Five Points is where five streets converged and in the center there was Paradise Square. The name is deceiving because this community was anything but paradise. The best glimpse of the town we caught was that from a birds eye view. We were able to see just how cluttered it was, the houses and buildings were all attached and they stood in rows. All of the homes were rundown with paint peeling and cracks going along its walls. They are wooden and can be best described as an old picket fence that has been neglected for years and weathered. In front of these homes sat sad, broken down carriages, as if they once worked but have been put there many years before because they had no horses to pull them anymore. The roads weren’t roads at all but dirt paths, grooved out due to constant walking on them. The trees although very spare, were dead, thin and bare without any growth. In the winter the streets...
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