Gangs around the U.S

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  • Published : September 14, 2008
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Gangs around the U.S is a well-known threat to our way of life. Gangs in the military can be traced back to the civil war, with the creation of the KKK. After the war, soldiers would wear their white cloth and run around pretending to be ghosts of dead soldiers. After WWII, soldiers were looking for an outlet and unable to adjust back into society, they became hell raisers and from there the hell angels were born. During the Vietnam war, due to the draft the military took people off the streets that normally they wouldn’t allow in. Today, there are hundreds of street gangs throughout the U.S that account for many of the crimes such as murder, rape, robberies, drive by shootings, and vandalism. A common place you may come across these types of gangs are in large citys such as L.A, Chicago, and New York City and among many poor ghettos throughout the country.

A new kind of gang threat that not many people are aware of, is the active gang member in our armed forces. Gang members in the military is a new threat on which the American people have yet to see. Twenty-two gang members have been located in the elite fighting forces of the U.S Army 82nd Airborne located at Fort. Bragg. The military implemented the rule, that no soldier can have ties to any group that associates with violence, but the report still in place today says nothing about street gangs. It is up to the judgement of the soldier’s commander to act when noticing gang signs or gang colors. Regulation do prohibit obscene tattoo and body piecing and throwing hand signs, or flying colors. However having a gang tattoo does not mean automatic rejection from the armed services. Because active gang membership is a protected right under the 1st amendment.

A Report released by the Department of Defense(DOD) stated among the 2.5 million military soldiers, there are ruffly 10,000 (1%) active gang member distributed throughout the armed forces. Those 10,000 Soldiers is compared to one large military...
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