Gangs and Society

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Gangs can have a tremendous effect on society. They have existed for hundreds of years, especially in America. Although gangs are usually created from people who intend to offer safety in numbers, this safety is usually done through acts of crime. This book will explain how gangs and their actions affect society. Chapter one is "Initiation". This included getting high with the other gang members, then getting beaten by his new comrades, then going out with a 12 gauge shotgun and ambushing a rival "set". Sets are subsets of larger gangs like the Crips or the Bloods. Most gang violence occurs within these gangs between neighborhood "sets". For example, Kody's gang, the "Eight Trays" are Crips and mortal enemies to the "Rollin' Sixties" Crips. Not only must each set fight their neighboring rivals, but also they are expected to respect the larger scale wars. If a group of sets declare war on another group of sets then your set may be expected to take a side. This can result in some very awkward diplomatic situations with Crip sets allied with Blood sets against Crip sets and their allied Blood sets. At one point in the book, the Eight Trays found themselves at war with a previously good ally, because of these larger conflicts. Kody took to the violence. He saw it as the step from childhood into manhood. He was good at it and soon received the gang name, "Monster". He willingly and joyfully joined "Fly", "Tray Ball", "Huckabuck", "Lep", "Crazy D" and "Gangster Cool". These youths were very much aware of the gangster legends, who had gone before them. This older members were mostly either dead or in jail. They seldom appear in the book, but when they do, there is respect and admiration from the younger members. Kody's goal was to build such a reputation. He even had a three point plan to reach his goal. First, he had to build his personal reputation by effectively using violence. Second, he had to build his name in association with his set, so that when his name is...
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