Topics: Blood, Heart, Gangrene Pages: 2 (687 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Gangrene is a condition that occurs when body tissue dies. However, in the book Whale Talk, Andy Mott states, “Gangrene …” (is) “… rot.” (p.134) Technically he is right. It is caused by a loss of blood supply due to an underlying illness, injury, and/or infection. Gangrene is probably one of the worse types of infections that can result in an amputation. Fingers, toes, and limbs are most often affected, but gangrene can also occur inside the body, damaging organs and muscles. There are different types of gangrene and all require immediate medical attention. Blood plays a very important role in your health. Not only does it transport oxygen and nutrients throughout your body to feed cells, it delivers disease-fighting antibodies that protect your body from infection. When blood cannot travel freely throughout the body, your cells cannot survive. Infection can develop and tissue can die from gangrene. So, Andy Mott’s blood in his leg could not travel freely. In the book Whale Talk Andy states, “My mom’s boyfriend (Rance Haskins)… he’d tie my leg to the pipe under the kitchen sink…I’d been there almost twenty-four hours… I guess I kept trying to get away… and the knot just got tighter.” (p.165) Any condition that affects blood flow increases your risk of gangrene, including: Diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Peripheral arterial disease, Trauma, or injury. Injuries that leave a portion of muscle tissue deprived of oxygen make a perfect home for infections. Some of the cells in a wound are already dead, and the infection starts in these. "Crush" injuries are most likely to cut off blood supply to a large amount of tissue, and are most prone to gangrene. The infection usually strikes the hands or legs, where blood supply is most easily cut off. In Andy Mott’s case gangrene affected his leg. He said, “… my foot was discolored all the way to my calf…they had to whack…” (his leg)”… off before it snuck up and got something really important.” (p.165) Surgery can also produce...
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