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Globalisation, challenges and changes
Ian Brooks, Jamie Weatherston and Graham Wilkinson

Learning outcomes
On completion of this chapter you should be able to: understand the impact of globalisation; understand the move towards greater dynamism, complexity and uncertainty (turbulence) in the international business environment of most firms; speculate about the future prospects for organisations, individuals, governments and groups in society as a result of environmental turbulence; outline the nature of chaotic and turbulent environments and the implications of these for long-term planning and flexible working; reflect on the differences between predictable and unpredictable change and the implications of this for organisations; understand the characteristics of the advantages and drawbacks of flexible working; discuss the influences that the changing international business environment and, in particular, the trend towards flexible working, have upon individuals and groups in the social community; explore environmental scenarios; discuss the future role of government and understand the environmental forces acting on public sector organisations.

Key concepts
dynamism, complexity, uncertainty and turbulence predictable and unpredictable change chaos theory futurology long-term planning environmental scenarios and planning flexible working demographic time bomb social inclusion and exclusion interventionist and laissez-faire government.

Chapter 9 Globalisation, challenges and changes


Minicase 9.1

Dealing with unexpected changes

Twice in the last decade events have shown how vulnerable an advanced society can be. On both occasions fuel prices in the UK had risen substantially above the general price index due to government tax policies and global price increases. Businesses, in particular farmers and hauliers, for whom fuel costs are especially important, protested against continuing rises by picketing fuel refineries. The normal...

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