Ganges and Yangtze Rivers

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  • Published : March 28, 2011
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Submitted by: Mr. Amphaivanh KEOMANIVONH

World Cultures

Ganges and Yangtze Rivers

According to what I have seen in the documentaries of the Ganges and the Yangtze Rivers, I realize how these two rivers have had great impacts to its people. In fact, rivers have been considered being the most important natural resources for people and all living things from the past until now. The Ganges River in India is the most sacred river of the Hindus, flows from the southern parts of Himalayas in Northern India, to its mouth into the Bay of Bengal at Bangladesh’s Meghna estuary. The Yangtze River in China is the third longest river in the world, flows from west to east through some provinces in China before emptying into the East China Sea. This essay is going to discuss about the similarities and differences between these two rivers and how they affected people, cultures, and civilizations.

What makes these two rivers similar is that they are great source of rivers for the people living along their banks, the regular annual flooding is essential to people who live on the flood plain of these rivers, because when the rivers flood they leave behind fertile silt which is good for agricultural activities, provide grassland and forest which offered home for many animals. In addition, these rivers also provide route for communication, transportation, trading for its people. The Indian use the Ganges to communicate and trade with each other, while the Chinese use the Yangtze to transport goods into and out of China’s interior. Beside farming and transportation, these rivers provide habitat for many living things under water such as fish. Which encourage people to do the fishing to feed their families.

What makes the Ganges and the Yangtze different is that for Indian especially the Hindus, Ganges is not just a river but she is an important cultural aspect to the Hindus. Ganges is India’s River of Life, has evolve in how the Hindus’ belief. They...
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