Gang Violence Case Study

Topics: Utilitarianism, Police, Crime Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Gang Violence Case Study

In a city where gang violence wreaks havoc and calamity occurs often, one neighborhood has the fortunate ability to end gang violence all together. By making the decision to close down a single house among many, the city of Sunnyside, WA along with its police department, have (Courtney)achieved their duty as Act Utilitarian’s. Their actions resulted in substantial consequences that have been shown to maximize the greater good of the entire community. The issue of gang violence has disrupted the city of Sunnyside for a long period of time. Especially that of one gang house, 808 W. Edison Ave; a house that has historically disrupted what is otherwise considered a calm neighborhood. In the tranquil canal bank neighborhood, the greatest number of people, the residents of other houses within the community, are being negatively affected by the actions of members in one home. According to one of the tenets of Utilitarianism, each person’s happiness is equally weighed. The acts of weapon-related violence that initiate from one home in a neighborhood do not benefit the greater good of all of the homes. Thus leading the community to take actions to achieve greater pleasure for the greater good. To solve the issue of being unsafe in the community, the city along with support from the police, fought to include the house (considered to be outside of city limits) in an already planned annexation of the area around the home. According to comments from not only the police but also members from within the community, fellow neighbors and citizens within the area experience both the sensations of safety and danger. They have experienced the feelings and pleasures of safety within their own homes and have also had these feelings taken away by the crimes committed by their neighbor. According to British philosopher, John Stuart Mills, one pleasure is more valuable than the other, “if there [is] one to which all or almost all who have experience of...
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