Gang Research Paper

Topics: Gang, Crime, Bloods Pages: 4 (1470 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Johnson 1
Kaylen Johnson
Mrs. Wentworth
English 101
29 May, 2012

Gang Life in America
"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone." (Al Capone 1) A gang is a group of people, mainly boys, who join together to get easy money, easy drugs, and easy women. Although gangs are usually created to protect one another as well as themselves, normally due to racial issues. Most gangs are full packed of young men and boys, though there are young women and girl gangs. Gangs are extremely violent and fight often with their rival gangs and sometimes with anyone they just do not like so I wouldn't mess with a gang if I were you. Their powerful groups of people who run a lot of America with guns and fear. Most gangs exist in big cities in the more poor and violent areas where there is lack of proper education, unhealthy family situations, and lack of proper guidance.

Gangs are created mainly for one reason and one reason only, protection. The Tiny Rascals are a good example of why people create these gangs for protection. The people of this gang came from a country called Cambodia. In the 1980's in California, these people fled the country in hope of finding less violence and pain in America, away from the killing fields they had indued in Cambodia, though once they arrived they did not have much money and were placed in homes in terrible areas in America. The Cambodian children were beaten up at school and their parents were tourtcured on the streets. They did not want to stand for it anymore. The young boys, who were tourtcured at school, formed a gang to protect themselves and since they were so young at the time the created the gang they had called themselves the Tiny Rascals. At first this gang was created to protect each other, now the gang kills innocent people on the streets and others who do not deserve to be killed. They are the largest Asian gang in America, over 10,000 members nation wide. "What we most hear...
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