Gang Rape in India

Topics: English-language films, Assault, India Pages: 2 (316 words) Published: February 23, 2013
A 29 years old woman had been
raped by a bus driver, a bus conductor
and 5 other men in the north India State
of Punjab, in an incident that recalls the
recent attack in Delhi of a student on a
moving vehicle and thrown bleeding
onto the street that has caused
widespread outrage.

The woman boarded a bus on
fridaybound for gurdaspur, to visit her
in-laws,the police chief , Raj Jit Singh,
said in a telephone interview. Whenshe
got off the bus, the driver offered her a
ride on his motorcycle , perhaps toher
in-laws village, the police said. Instead,
he tookher to a nearby village where he
and six men , including the bus conductor,
rapedher repeatedly through thr night.

The next morning the driver dropped
her at her in-laws home , where the woman
told her family member of the incident, and
then reported it to the police , singh said.

Six men including the bus driver and
conductor , have been arrested, he said. all
of the men are in their 20s. a seventh man r
remained at large. gurmesh singh , the depury
superintendent of policefor the region, said
it was unclear how or why the bus driver
persueaded the woman to get off the bus
when it reached its final destination.
the press trust of India reported that
the bus driver did not stop at her stop when

after the physiotherapy student was
raped and beaten in Delhi, millions of indians
took to the streets demanding the death
penalty for her attackers and official action
for increased policing and tougher laws
against sexual assault in India. The student died
in a singapore hospital from internal injuries, two
weeks after she was attack

The case against five of the men arrested
in that rape is being heard this month in a special
fast track court created just for incident of sexual
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