Gang Prevention

Topics: Gang, Crime, Criminology Pages: 10 (3826 words) Published: May 11, 2011
“Gang prevention programs have been rare. They require accurate knowledge of the predictors of gang membership, that is, identifying likely gang members, and they require knowledge of the causes of gangs and gang membership. Finally, they require knowledge of the likely impact of prevention efforts (Klein, 1995:137)”.

What happen to the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”. It seems to have vanished while people have seemed to ignore Gang problems. Prevention and intervention has been ignored by society due to the fact it was considered a poor and minority problem. On the other hand Faith based community programs are the main root of deterring children from gang involvement. These faith based programs are designed to help at risk children whom lack the nurture and guidance in some form, allowing them a chance to get away from their gang invested communities. The faith based approach is to give stability and support to youths, which is a requirement into becoming productive citizens.

In a recent study conducted by the National Gang Crime Research center( NGCRC) revealed: “(1) about two-thirds of all American cities, large or small have a gang problem; (2) about one-fourth of all inmates in adult correctional facilities are gang members; (3) about half of all persons confined in juvenile correctional facilities are gang members; (4) that the current estimated of the total U.S. gang member population is about 1.5 million; and (5) the gang problem shows no sign of abatement (”. Gang problems in America have always existed and after decades of existence it does not seem to going anywhere. While the gang problem for sure is not declining, our streets are plagued by drugs and violence caused by gangs. The goal is to provide an effective way of preventing gang involvement. Gangs are infested every state in America. They constantly ruin lives through violence, murder, drugs, theft, and destruction of property. While ultimately lowering the standard of living for many citizens trapped by ruthless gang activities. Yablonsky’s classification of gangs included three types: (1) delinquent gangs, (2) violent gangs and (3) social gangs (1962: p. 149) “Although jurisdictions may have varying definitions, for general purposes a youth gang is viewed as a group of three or more persons who (1) self identify themselves as an entity separate from the community by special clothing, vocabulary, hand signals, and names and (2) engage in criminal activity. Although the first gangs may have appeared in the 1780s, around the time of American Revolution, there have been four periods of major gang activity in American history: the late 1800s, the 1920s, the 1960s, and the present. According to an exhaustive survey of law enforcement agencies, there are probably around 20,000 gangs with approximately 1 million members in the United States (Gaines, Miller: 2009 p. 570).” To stop gang violence, citizens need information, support and community activism. These tackle viable options in combating the problem locally. This paper will show the need to change the negative form of thinking; to society taking a stand to gang involvement and violence. We will look at a variety of research with solutions on curving the violence among our youth. Many researchers believe incarceration and mandatory jail is the key to the problem, there are various options than the penal system. Others will argue that social problems can be solved with more involvement of adults. Role models and community groups can take a more positive role. Faith based community programs provide much the same services as church based ministries. But with help from the government the programs will have more money and larger budgets, which allow for more staff; nonprofits organizations generally provide these services with more intensity. It has been found that faith-based community program has the time and staff to visit with parents and...
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