Gandhiji's Life and Thoughts

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Gandhiji's Life and Thoughts

By | Jan. 2011
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“There are always in the world a few inspired men whose acquaintance is beyond price.” One such great personality is MAHATMA GANDHIJI, popularly known as “BAPUJI”. Dr.C.Rajagopalachari once observed; ’There is a demand for anecdotes (about Gandhiji) and if someone does not supply true stories, legends will grow and fill the field’. Even during his life time a number of superstitious tales had come to be associated with Gandhi’s name. After his death, such a danger is still greater. That apart, there is another good reason why Gandhi should be known as widely as possible to the present generation. The young all over the world are facing today the problem of mall adjustment in a society which seems to them to be too static to satisfy their cravings for growth and development in civilised surroundings. Nor has this generation caught as it is in the midst of its self created troubles, been given a proper leadership. Gandhi may serve them as a sign post and his way of life can provide them with a model capable of giving moral and physical strength to change their environment in which they can fulfil their aspirations and realise their dreams. To those who saw Gandhi and lived a part of their lives during his lifetime, he is a reality. But to the young of today, he is gradually becoming a myth, a legendary figure whose reality they cannot visualise, partly because of their ignorance of the man, and partly because of the contradictions they see in the professions and practice of those who call themselves inheritors of Gandhi. Such an anomalous situation makes it incumbent upon everyone of us of this passing generation to retell the stories of Gandhi in a readable manner so that they may bring out some of Gandhi’s human qualities which made him great. Talks on Gandhi’s philosophy or his role as a politician do not evoke as much interest among the youth as the details of his personal life. The reason is obvious. The young today seem to be in search of a model according to...

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