Gandhian Philosophy on Education

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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उत्‍तराखण्‍ड मुक्‍त विश्‍वविद्यालय,हल्‍द्वानी (नैनीताल ) ASSIGNMENT Ph.d Coursework
पी-एच.डी. सत्रीय कार्य
Last date of Submission: 15/03/2013 (जमा करने की अन्तिम तिथि 15/03/2013) Answer any one question from section –A , any two from section-B , any two from section-C , any one from section-D , any one from section-E , any one from section-F , one from section-G and any two from section-H . The medium of answer may be in English or Hindi. Section-A

1. What do you understand by application of ethical values in research? Elaborate. 2. Ethics must be blended with research at each stage of research work. Enumerate the application of ethics at different stages of research work with suitable empirical examples. Section-B

1. Various types of the objectives of the research work.
2. Operational definitions of the terms and concepts involved in the title of the Study. 3 Statistical computation of the values of the Central tendencies, percentiles, standard deviations , Skewness , Kurtosis and standard error of mean ,median and standard deviation. 4. Characteristics of the scientific method of enquiry for the creation of the knowledge. / Creation of new knowledge in historical perspective.

1. Write six Research Problems along with objectives and hypotheses (if any) by selecting any six research types given hereunder:

a) Experimental Research
b) Ex-post facto Research
c) Historical Research
d) Fundamental Research
e) Applied Research
f) Action Research
g) Descriptive Survey Research
h) Correlation Research
i) Ethnographic Research
j) Quantitative Research
k) Qualitative Research
l) Case Study Research
m) Philosophical Research
2. Make a hypothetical Sampling Design with respect to a Research Problem (quantitative type). What would be the statistical techniques to solve the Research...
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