Gandhi vs Hitler in Terms of Creativity

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11 May 2012
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Creativity has been one of the most crucial points that determine the performance of individuals and companies since the measures of performance has changed through the industrialization and developing technology. In this case, creativity has been a respectful criterion for analyzing individuals. Since creativity can be seen in all aspects of our life, it is reasonable to evaluate the leaders based on their creativity. In this work, Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi, who can be considered as equally top leaders will be compared based on their creativity. Therefore, there will be a need for creativity leadership criteria when evaluating the leaders. As Michael D. Mumford, who is a professor of Psychology at University of Oklahoma, states in his text ''How creative leaders think: Experimental findings and cases'', I will be using idea evaluation, idea generation and missions as creative leadership criteria.

The first criterion for creative leadership is idea evaluation. Creative people are called the ones who are not comfortable with accepting every idea that will be represented. They will be critically evaluating the ideas in accordance to their logic and creating their own and unique ideas which are more logical and innovative. Therefore, the creative leaders are the ones who are able to evaluate the basic information critically and logically. Mumford puts it like ''Leader expectations, and the broader cultural and organizational variables shaping these expectations, will influence whether leaders will engage in creative thought.'' (419)

The second criterion for creative leadership is idea generation. As expected, creativity of an individual directly related to his/her creative ideas and these creative ideas will naturally be based on the initial knowledge and past experience. Therefore, the creative ideas that influence crowds at a tremendous rate depend on the ability to generate ideas from the initial knowledge. A creative leader needs to be able to combine the worthy ideas that he/she holds and the others hold in a perfect way and come up with innovative and impressive creative ideas. ''Leader creativity, moreover, is likely to increase not only when a number of prior cases are available, but also when a wide range of cases are available that might be applied to the problem at hand.'' (Mumford 421)

The last criterion for creative leadership is their missions. Every leader must have a vision that will shape his/her life. ''Missions, by providing an organizing framework, allow leaders to structure their own thinking and evaluate the ideas of others in an organized system.''(Mumford 424) However, the difference between the mission of an ordinary leader and a creative leader is how flexible his/her mission is relatively to their idea evaluation and idea generation. A creative leader must be able to change his/her ideas when there is a logical mistake and these processes of idea evaluation and generation are directly tied to their mission. Therefore, the more flexible and changeable their missions are, the more creative the leader will be.

After discussing the most important criteria for creative leadership, it is now safe to compare two of the most effective creative political leaders in the history, Hitler and Gandhi. With their different kinds of creative leadership, they affected the whole politics and their primary ideologies still remain. What makes some leaders distinct and unforgettable is the originality of the way they chose to succeed in attaining their goals which is in fact a reflection of their creativeness. Two remarkable examples to best prove this assertion are Hitler and Gandhi. Although it is expected that the success of Hitler and Gandhi strongly depends on their charismatic stance as a leader; their leadership styles mostly rested on...
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