Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World

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  • Published : October 8, 2010
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Adalberto Sanchez
ENG 100
Gandhi His Life and Message for the World

Mohandas Gandhi, also know, also know as Mahatma Gandhi, was born in Porbandar, India on October 2, 1869. He is remembered throught the whole world because of his great accomplishments, and methods which made him an international character. His approach on making India, and the world, a better place, were peace reigned, was that of a saint. “Mahatma Gandhi was the spokesman for the conscience of mankind”(Fischer 8).

Gandhi was a person who believed that killing any living thing was a repugnant action. He followed a strict ritual were he wouldn’t stand and walk in the middle of the night, fearing that he might step on a bug. He was a person that always craved harmony withing his surroundings. This is the reason why he began to wear a loincloth as his garb(Fischer 14). Fischer describes in his book two different types of yogis. Yogis who mediate and yogis who act. The book describes Gandhi as being a karma Yogi, which is the yogi who acts. “The Gita” describes a karma yogi perfectly, but Gandhi summarizes this discreption into one word, “desirelessness”(14).

The event that marked Gandhi’s fight for peace happened on a train trip to Pretoria. Ghandi was sitting in the first-class compartment of the train when a white man, accompanied by two officials, ordered him to go the the baggage car. Gandhi refused, but only get get thrown out onto the station platfrom minutes later by a policeman(Fischer 21). This is an event that started Ghandi’s long journey to find peace, and end discrimation. Gandhi delivered his first public speech within a week of the event on the train. He talked about white discrimation to an audience consisted by Moslem merchants and Hindus(Fischer 22). This first speech rid him of his shyness to speak in public, and marked the beginning of his fight to reshape a country and change millions of lives.

During his fight for peace, Gandhi voluntereed to raise a...
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