Topics: Virtue, Leadership, Civil disobedience Pages: 1 (263 words) Published: May 22, 2013
SECTION 3: Creative an descriptive writing
Write a story for a popular magazine about a public figure from the past who had values you admire. Express your feelings about this person, describe some of the values this person use to have and say how this values might be important nowadays.

Mathama Gandhi was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism who became famous fighting for civil rights employing no violent and civil disobedience. I feel a deep admiration and respect for him because he was a leader who defended values such as the truth, the no violence and the treatment of others as yourself. In my view, when he stated that everybody could be considered a leader because everybody was an example for other people taught a real philosophy for life. He used to be on hunger strike and appear for justice and compassion as a method of peaceful resistance. By this way, peaceful no cooperation became widespread all the strata on Indian society. He used to campaign for easing poverty, women’s rights and ethnic amity between Indians and Muslims. Nowadays Gandhi’s philosophy might become incredibly influential. For many psychologists, Gandhi may represent one of the models of leadership more effective that has ever existed. Moreover, although Gandhi used to have many psychological fortitude such as courage, humility, hope, goodness, love, justice and self-control among others, he’ll always be remembered for his extraordinary leaderships skills, his ability to communicate and his persuasion to come into agreements. I believe if we had more leaders as Gandhi we might have a better world.
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