Gandhi's Legacy to South Africa

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  • Published : April 23, 2008
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Mahatma Ghandi left behind a great legacy after his assassination, not only to India and South Africa, but to the world. He made a mark on the hearts of so many universally by using his policies and beliefs of equality, unity and non-violence. By looking at the time Gandhiji, (a title earned out of respect from the Hindu Nation) spent in South Africa and his implementation of his theory of Satyagraha in South Africa, one is able to see how his beliefs and strong leadership qualities inspired and encouraged the spark of passive resistance in South Africa starting with the Indian population, and its inspirations spreading through to the Africans and the African National Congress (ANC) to spark the start of resistance and defiance against Apartheid and segregation in South Africa. GHANDI:

Ghandi came to South Africa at the ripe young age of 25 as a lawyer, with the intentions of helping some colleagues with legal issues in 1903. The situation in South Africa inspired him to re-think his reasons for being in South Africa, thus resulting in his change of purpose in life and dedicate himself to fight passively for equal rights universally. The situation that was occurring in made him realise what was causing disrupt in India and this is when he developed his theory of Satyagraha. During his 21 years spent in South Africa he formed congresses such as the South African Indian Congress (SAIC) and the Natal Indian Congress (NIC), these were all movements to encourage a non-violent protest against the Government’s laws placed upon the Indian’s of South Africa. As Ghandi once said in an address to his people "The slogan today is no longer merely 'Asia for the Asians' or 'Africa for the Africans' but the unity of all the oppressed races of the earth." It was on this that he based his entire theory of non-violence resistance. SATYAGRAHA:

Ghandi inspired a theory of Satyagraha derives from Sanskrit with Satya meaning truth and garah meaning effort. So...
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