Gamma Rays and Taming of the Shrew

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Critical Lens Book Report
Fiction is an attempt to tell the truth about things we generally lie about. I agree because authors write books that tell every thing like it is and that it seems right but is very wrong, and they tell it with out censorship and make readers think is that the way friends, family , and strangers think too because I can’t read their minds? The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds was about named Tille it showed all the hard ships of being raised by a single mom with crushed dreams. Tille avoided her mom and her sister Ruth at all costs, and try’s to avoid any conflicts with them. This compares to the quote because it shows how her family knows she doesn’t like them but in real life people would just try to deal with it and put up with them. Tille was smart, unloved, brave, open minded, courageous living, passive, strong, and a leader. Her mom Beatrice unloving, selfish, and rude, mean lost, bitter, unfair enabler and lives through Ruth. And Ruth was ungrateful and otherwise a younger version of her mom. In the home there were many challenges for Tille. Like one day the principle called her home and instead of being nice back she was loud and hype she said anything that came to her mind to the principle and that made him look down even more that he already did on that family. This shows irony because she was smart when she was young and faced many hardships in school when the students teased her. So she didn’t want the same thing to happen to Tille so she kept her home whenever she could for nothing at all. And she let Ruth do whatever she wanted she wore lipstick and smoked cigarettes. She got these privileges from her mom because that the girl she wanted to be in high school the popular one. Which also relates to my quote because the author told everything like it is, hiding nothing like how it would be hidden in reality. The next story that...
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