Games Fro Teaching Preschoolers

Topics: Learning, Video game, Personal computer game Pages: 13 (3400 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Windows-Based Game as an Additional Tool
for Teaching Preschoolers

A Thesis Presented to
The Faculty of the Computer Science Department
Divine Word College of San Jose
San Jose, Occidental Mindoro

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Oloan, Orpheus P.
Torres, Paul Jerome M.
Felipe, Efprim Mark M.
Lazaro, Erick B


Background of the Problem
There are different ways on how to develop the skills of the child; they have their parents who guide them in every step since the very start, there are schools where teachers assist the children in their lessons, and there are multimedia which could be used as an aid for preschoolers to learn. At the age of 3 to 5 years old, a child spends more time playing and less time studying. In order to catch the child’s interest to engage in the learning process, we have to find a way which could make him/her enjoy while learning. Most teachers nowadays are changing their approach on how to handle their classes and make the atmosphere between them and the students more suitable for learning. They explore and introduce new ways and techniques in teaching which could make learning process more enjoyable for the students. In preschool, teachers oftentimes initiate activities inside the classroom which is fun for the pupils and at the same time develops the skills of the child. To improve the learning process of the pupils, teachers are encouraged to use multimedia as a part of their teaching. Integrating a tutoring system in a form of an interactive game in preschool could greatly improve the learning process of the pupils. Aside from the traditional tools used by the teachers in presenting their lesson, this tutoring system could be used as a part of their daily teaching routines. Toddlers, being playful in nature could greatly appreciate this kind of approach in their learning process. To make this tutoring system more effective, we can design an interactive computer game which is based on the children’s lessons in preschool. They might find it interesting and enjoyable while they are learning and developing their social and mental skills.

Statement of the Problem
Computer games influence the users much more than they know. It greatly affects the users’ different skills in both positive and negative ways. It is this reason that the researchers would like to use this media in developing a tutoring system in a form of a windows-based interactive game which would be used as an additional tool in teaching preschoolers. This study aims to answer the following questions: 1. Is a tutoring system in a form of an interactive game effective in developing the learning skills of preschool pupils? 2. Will this tutoring system in a form of an interactive game improve the comprehension level of the preschool pupils?

Objectives of the study
The objective of the study is to help preschool teachers and pupils in developing a “play-to-learn” environment inside the classroom with the use of interactive activities through multimedia. General Objectives

The general objective of the study is to develop and to know the effectiveness of a windows-based interactive game integrated in an Intelligent Tutoring System as an additional tool for teaching preschoolers in developing their different learning skills.

Specific Objective
These are the following objectives that the researchers would like to achieve.

* To analyze the different learning skills of preschoolers. * To identify the type of games and activities that would get the attention of preschoolers. * To be able to know what specific approach for an interactive game should be used in developing the Tutoring System. * To be able to identify which subject should be given emphasis by knowing the strength and weaknesses of the pupils, specifically the Kinder II – St. Simon of the CDC Department of the Divine...
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