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India and Pakistan have been involved in conflict over Kashmir since Independence. It has led to numerous wars and attacks. The relations and wars over Kashmir can be studied using Game Theory. Tit for Tat policy has been practiced by both nations. The pay of for wars for both countries has been changing depending on the context. This context has been based on many parameters – 1. Ally countries – US and China are widely regarded as Pakistan allies. China has been against India due to border issues. USSR has been traditionally supporting India until recently. The situation keeps on changing with changing stance of allies. 2. International support - International communities like UN tries to solve the conflict through negotiations. 3. Military strength – It keeps on changing depending upon development and purchase of weapons on both sides. 4. Resources including financial and others – India has always been in a relatively better position due to more available resources. 5. Leadership of both countries especially of Pakistan (Army Rule) – Army Rulers might perceive war as a more beneficial situation. 6. Public opinion : Both sides have to consider the opinion of citizens of their country

This context keeps on changing. But another important parameter of Nuclear Deterrence was seen during Kargil War.

Indo-Pak Relations: A Game Theoretic Perspective

Kashmir has been the centerpiece for the conflict between India and Pakistan ever since independence. The individual stands of India and Pakistan over Kashmir can best be described as a Prisoner’s Dilemma as shown below. Each country has two options: to either give up its claim over...
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