Game Development

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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1.1Story Boarding
Once upon a time, the peaceful Kingdom of Greenland was invaded by the unexplained monster ruled by a tyrannous Garviod who was famous for his black magic. The beautiful Kingdom fell into ruin and despair. The inhabitants become an unexplainable creature. Some are became plants, trees, animals and those who are unkind to the nature became stones, garbage and monsters.

Unfortunately, one of the inhabitants that have been transformed by a black magic was the old Prophet living in a cage and he became an old Tree. According to his prophecy, there will be a simple gardener who will have the power to fight the monsters in the Kingdom.

The old prophet Tree traveled to find the man on his prophecy. As he traveled, he found Seedy. Humble and loving nature gardener who was transform to a seed. The old Tree gives him a map to find the treasure of X-lost. Then he said, “That the only way to break the evil spell and return the inhabitants of Greenland into normal was the magical light hidden in the treasure of X-lost.”

But the ruling monsters Garviod heard about the magical treasure of X-lost and he keeps the treasure in one if his castle. Seedy humbly vowed to rescue the Kingdom and he started his journey to find the treasure of X-lost in the Castle of Garviod. Could Seedy overcome the many obstacles facing him and became a true hero? Let’s find it in the “Adventure of Seedy”.

1.2 Statement of the Problem
The following problems were identified:
1. In many computer games, others kids are rewarded for being more violent. The child practicing violence in his own like killing, stabbing and shooting. 2. Some computer games are teaching kids a wrong values.

3. Some of games are simply for entertainment.

The aims of the study are:
1. To development a game that would not portray violence. Rather than using a objects that represents violence, the proponent will design an object that are simple yet related to the...
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