Gambling: Unemployment and Commercial Casinos

Topics: Unemployment, United States, Economics Pages: 6 (1949 words) Published: February 13, 2013
AJohnson 1
Sam Johnson
English 1111 T3430
Persuasive Paper
Professor S. J. Welch
Final Exam: Gambling Legalization and the Economic Benefit
A.Recent election
1.What citizens had to choose from
B.Current crisis
C.Proposal of legalizing gambling
D.Strike kettle when it’s hot
E.Claim…why would this be helpful to struggling economy?
1.New jobs
2.More tax revenue
II.Current economic crisis
A.Spending vs. income
B.High unemployment
1.Government has to help those without work
Johnson 2
a.Further increasing spending
C.Gambling could help resolve some problems
III.Popularity of gambling
A.No longer cowboys with cards
1.Many different forms of gambling
a.Riverboats, racinos, commercial casinos, slots
B.Total revenue of gambling nationwide in a year
C.No ignoring the popularity level
1.Will not decrease no matter what
IV.Unemployment story
A.Highest in a decade or so
B.Direct increase from casinos
C.Hypothetical numbers for nationwide legalization
V.Revenue from casinos for government
A.Stats for amount contributed to state from casino
B.Less spending due to less unemployed needing assistance
C.Hypothetical numbers for revenue with release of ban
VI.Impact of investing money on the nation level
A.Look at actual recent surplus spending
1.Obama’s plan in 2008
a.Increased employment
Johnson 3
b.Increased revenue
B.How does this translate to impact of new money from casinos? VII.Community impact
A.Does a community give up anything to reap the bennies
B.Polls amongst citizens of already present casinos
C.Politicians views
A.Restate points (II-VII)
B.Community factor of U.S., one action causes a reaction
C.Regurgitate claim

Final Exam: Gambling Legalization and the Economic Benefit
The most recent presidential election proposed a question to the citizens of the United States; is the voter willing to hand over the reigns to a man that stands behind his predecessor, not leading to many policy changes, or someone who is a strong advocate of just that, change? A man that promised to dig this country out of its slowly suffocating economic crisis and regain the image it once had as the world’s powerhouse. The people wanted to see a change, so faith was applied to a man name Barack, what was discovered though is that he may not have been the catalyst of change the voters were looking for. One main problem is the lack of tax revenue by the nation which can assist in economic stimulus and generation of new jobs; a simple way to do just that is a nationwide legalization of gambling. There is already a form of gambling Johnson 4

available to everyone worldwide; it is time that the U.S. benefits from this phenomenon. Legalization of gambling would help kick start the nations path towards recovery by directly generating new employment opportunities, and increasing tax revenue.

President Obama is not culpable for the lack of progress that has been made in regards to recovering from the national deficit. He took over an impecunious country, one whose citizen may have had unreasonable expectations for a four year tenure. Criticisms can be made though depending on how information is interpreted. This year, 2010, “federal spending was nearly 24 percent of Gross Domestic Product, Tax revenues stood at 15 percent of GDP this year, the lowest level since 1950,” (The Moment). That’s a nine percent difference between spending and revenue; something that can be seen as a significant difference and another addition to the increase of the national debt. The information could also be interpreted in a way that represents the period. Unemployment is high so the government is covering expenses for a larger portion of the country, and people are spending less so tax revenue is decreased. It’s more of an incubation period for the economy, but all that is needed to catalyze the fiscal glory this country is used to, is...
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