Gambling, Is It a Hobby or Drug?

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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Gambling, Is It A Hobby or Drug?
Shinae’ George
ENC 1102-57

Gambling comes in so many forms. The ideal thought of gambling typically refers to making wagers in a casino or even online in a game of roulette, poker, blackjack, or slots machines and even on/off track betting. What most people fail to realize is that lotto is also a form of gambling. For most people the itch to gamble starts with scratch off cards; while some do it for fu others are addicted and jeopardize themselves in doing so. If you or someone you know likes to gamble, how do you determine when to determine that your gambling habits go from being a hobby to being a drug?

Gambling is defined as the act of playing a game of chance for stakes (Farflex, 2012). It is actually one of the oldest activities known to man (Weed, 2012); it was used as a way to peacefully handle conflicts. Gambling is appealing to most people because of the uncertain risk that they are taking. For instance, let’s say that you are with a group of friends/family watching a football game; it would be boring to actually just watch the game so to make it interesting you root for the opposite team your friends/family are rooting for. As we were guilty of gambling, do you recall at one time saying to a friend; I bet you I can run faster than you or I bet you I can jump higher than you? All though those bets weren’t for money it still was a form of gambling.

With all the complaints of being broke, why would anyone want to willingly throw money away? According to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission, in 1998 $50 billion was lost by people gambling and that number increased to $72 billion by 2003 (Phillips, 2005). Aside from the thrill of risk taking, what are some other reasons for gambling? Could it be for social reasons? Getting a group of people together for a game of cards is quite normal amongst people of all ages. Perhaps, some people start gambling because they want to be like the people they...
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