Gambling in Finland

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Gambling in Finland
Gambling, betting, lottery, poker in Finland; there is plenty of choice. In Finland, slot machines are practically everywhere. Some are prohibited for persons under 18 years old, others for children under 15 years. The Finns like a lot the lot (even if the jackpot is much lower in compared to other European countries) and they are a people who like to play poker, especially online. Moreover, in almost all places, not just in casinos, you can play roulette or blackjack. In Finland, there are two casinos (one in Helsinki and one in the Åland Islands), almost 20 000 slot machines and fifty plants such as racetracks where you can do live betting. And do not forget the nearly 300 locals or restaurants with tables where the Finns test themselves maybe watching a game of football or hockey or taking a break from the dance floor. With reference to what I have explained I think that given the numbers reported about the popularity of gambling in Finland it is obvious that this affects actively the life of Finns every day, and in my opinion, it influences negatively, every bets will be destined to lose, this creates a chain reaction, because every personal relationship, family and work will be influenced by mood of the gambler. According to the latest prevalence study (Ministry of Social Affairs and Health/Taloustutkimus 2007) over the last 12-month period, 3.1% of the population (130,000 persons) were classifiable as having gambling problems. Over the same period, 1% of the population (42,000 persons) were classifiable as probable gambling addicts (with a SOGS score of at least 5 points). It follows that I have only analyzed the situation from the point of view of the gambler, but to understand why gambling is so much sponsored in Finland we should consider the benefits (only in economic terms) of the revenues from the game. The state has a monopoly on betting and the whole system is managed by four companies: RAY, Veikkaus Oy, Oy Fintoto and PAF. The...
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