Gambling's Pros and Cons

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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A Roll of the Dice
Open up it’s the police! Everyone in the room is rushing around frantically because police officers dressed in body armor with assault rifles in hand are entering into the gambling room. This illegal casino, commonly known as a game room is being raided by a police squad. These raids are becoming more and more common within the Greater Houston area and across our entire state. Many sheriff departments are deciding to make a move on these gambling rooms that are within their tight-knit communities corrupting it. As Sheriff Freddie Poor said, “If the state isn’t going to do something about these illegal game rooms, we sure are.” To me this should not be limited to the certain areas within the state of Texas but be spread across our entire nation to push this illegal activity out. This gambling is coming into our communities with what benefits? Drug trafficking? Gang activity and violence? Theft? None. The United States is in great amounts of debt with many places to point the blame. One of the reasons the United States is highly in debt is because of gambling. What exactly is gambling, you may ask. Well Merriam-Webster defines gambling as the betting of money on an event with an uncertain outcome, with the intention of winning more money. The Negative Impacts of Gambling on Businesses written by John Warren Kindt states that "the legalizing of gambling activities means that society can anticipate that the number of compulsive gamblers will increase from .77 percent to overall population between 1.5 and 5 of the population--- with a total 10 percent of the population constituting problem economic gamblers." Legalizing gambling has not only caused economical problems, but also caused the crime rates to increase, jobs to be lost, addiction problems to be formed and much more negative aspects of this activity. "Along with the growth in legal gambling, the number of people at risk of problem gambling has risen about 15million and the list of...
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