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Introduction of Marketing Plan
Basically, marketing is a process by which company will create customer’s interest in their products or services. It generates the strategy that underlies sales techniques, business communications and business development. It is an integrated process through which company build a strong customer relationship and also create value for their customer and for themselves. What is so important about marketing plan? It is considered as the most critical part in business because it can lead to a business profit or business loss. Thus, as an entrepreneur, we really need a good marketing plan in order for us to gain desirable profit earned and at the same time, satisfies the need and wants of the targeted market or customers. We as the partnership members of Bukit Gambang Resort City have already make plans to get a maximum profit. We have put extra effort concerning about the business operation by focusing about the profit or loss gained by the company in each year. Thus, through this marketing plan, we have identified a better approach that is suitable and adequate in order to increase the sales of the company. That may includes target market, competitors, market size, market location, price range, marketing strategies and etc. This is an important part in business because the demand of products offered is depending on how effective the business marketing plan being plan. Without a good and systematic planning, vital resources such as manpower, money and time will be wasted unnecessarily and that may affect the business operation and performance.

Marketing Definition
Marketing is another important thing to do in order for the business to achieve its goal successfully. It focuses on the products offered by the company to the customer who will tend to buy that product. Thus, marketing has to be fully efficient and able to attract the people’s interest to come and buy the product offered in order to gain profit and at the same time, satisfies the customer’s need and demand. In defining the meaning of marketing, there are several definitions that can be taken into consideration. According to American Marketing Association (AMA), marketing is defined as the sets of activity, institutions, and process for creating and delivering that have value for customers, clients, partners and society at large. In addition, Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating, and satisfying customer’s requirement profitably. Thus, we can conclude that marketing as the activities that are carried out systematically to encourage and increase the sales of products or services. It is also the exchange of activities that takes place between individuals, other business entity and supports organization. To be precise, it is considered as the most critical stage among all the activity in its effort to accomplish profitable outcome.

Marketing Objectives
Marketing plan is made based on the Partnership agreement under section 3(1), Partnership Act 1961. The concept is to fulfill the customer’s need and demand, and increase the company’s profit. In order to attract and influence customers to buy our product, we need to focus on the concept of marketing. * To attract customers to buy our product

Thus, we will give 100% effort and focus to produce an attractive product and encourage the customer to buy it. Good looks attract people to buy, but great taste will definitely makes them crave for more. In Bukit Gambang Resort City, we offer variety of services to the customer so that the customers have a better choice as good as they look. On top of that, we also will organize launching day, advertisement through flyers and promotion to let the people know the existence of our theepark at Gambang. * High quality services

We do not only concern about the profit earned each month and years, but also the procedure to provide the best services offered...
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